About Infijoy

Our mission is to help as many people as possible gain easier access to effective tools and educational ideas to elevate their minds and improve their health and happiness.

Who We Are

We are a hub for the curious. The world’s first integrated well-being platform built for a global audience, Infijoy gives you access to hundreds of thought leaders, meditations, and innovative tools to improve your health and happiness. We help you explore the world from different perspectives, answer some of life’s greatest questions, and use this knowledge to grow and elevate your consciousness.

What We Do

Why We Do It

Our Values

We believe that education should spread as fast as entertainment
Positive Growth

Advisory Board

Infijoy works with a wide range of thought leaders from around the world. Our Chairman is Dr. Daniel Tomasulo, a well-known Positive Psychologist, author, and professor, who is also the head of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at the Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Our advisory board is made up of global experts in the field of psychology, including Dr. Lea Waters, Dr. Mitchell Saskin, and Stephen Lew.
Ty Tashiro
Social Scientist, Relationship Expert
Daniel Tomasulo
Psychologist, Academic Director. Columbia University.
Stephen Lew
Psychotherapist, Founder: The School of Positive Psychology.
Mitchell Saskin
Clinical & School Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Talk Therapist
Dr. Lea Waters
Psychologist, Author & Researcher Order of Australia Member, Past President of IPPA