Emotional Well-Being for Youth

How to Support Children and Teenagers to Become More Emotionally Resilient

Unlock your child's full potential and witness them flourish like never before! Discover the secrets to providing unparalleled emotional support with the guidance of Happiness Scientist Sha-En Yeo in this transformative 2-week course. Gain powerful insights on empowering your children to develop strong mindsets, cultivating empathy, and handling stress with ease. Elevate their emotional intelligence, equipping them with invaluable tools to conquer life's obstacles with confidence. This is an opportunity to empower your child's journey towards a brighter and happier future.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Foster emotional resilience in children to navigate challenges during their growth.
  • Instill emotional intelligence skills in children from an early age.
  • Provide tools and techniques to help children manage difficult emotions and reduce feelings of overwhelm.
  • Cultivate a judgment-free safe space where children can freely share and express their emotions.
  • Strengthen the bond with children and learn effective ways to support their confidence and happiness.

About Host

Sha-En Yeo

Sha-En Yeo

Founder of Happiness Scientists, TEDX Speaker & Positive Psychology Expert

Passionate about making the world a better place, TEDx speaker, and positive psychology expert Sha-En Yeo has more than a decade of experience in the education sector, championing the need for well-being in schools. As founder of Happiness Scientists, and an Infijoy course host, Sha-En provides bespoke positive psychology training that improves mental well-being.

Course Outline

Everyday Psychology Short Course
Week 1
Understanding Emotional Resilience and How to Support Youth

What is Emotional Resilience? Why is it important especially for youth in current times? What could be getting in the way of youth cultivating emotional resilience? What is your role as an educator or parent? Awareness is key to expanding the emotional vocabulary of our preteens and adolescents, and this week we’ll look a little deeper into how to better support our children.

Everyday Psychology Short Course
Week 2
Strengthening Youth Emotional Resilience

Creating a space for healthy emotional expression is the first step to strengthening emotional resilience in youth, but support is also imperative. Your ability to be an emotion coach can help them navigate an uncertain world with a strong sense of foundation.


Fancy a quick insight into the course? Check out Sha-En’s master class and uncover how to best support the youth you’re connected to, and how they can be emotionally resilient while navigating their teens.

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