Finding Purpose & Meaning

Rediscovering Who You Are

Having purpose and meaning in life provides direction, fulfillment, and a sense of significance, fostering overall well-being and a thriving existence. But what happens when you lose the drive to move ahead? We should all have a vision of the future we want for ourselves. For that, you need to discover a feeling of purpose and meaning in life that will lead to a flourishing life. Join Oluwafemi Esan, a transpersonal psychology professor, on a transformative 5-week journey to find answers to life's five big questions, paving the way towards a fulfilling and purposeful future.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Discover your authentic identity and explore the true meaning of your life.
  • Expand your mindset and contemplate spiritual concepts related to your existence.
  • Explore the connection between your strengths and your life's purpose.
  • Learn how to overcome the influence of others' opinions and not let them hold you back.
  • Develop a strong personal vision to make more intentional choices in life.

About Host

Oluwafemi Esan

Oluwafemi Esan

Transpersonal Psychology Professor, Vice Chancellor & Global Academic Director at El-Roi London Academy

Oluwafemi Esan is a distinguished professor of transpersonal psychology with over a decade of research experience in the field. His particular interest lies in exploring spirituality without religious associations. Holding a BA in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master of Education in Coaching Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Oluwafemi is an adept guide in helping individuals find purpose and meaning in life. Additionally, he serves as a qualified secondary school teacher, university professor, and holds esteemed positions as the Vice Chancellor and Global Academic Director at the renowned El-Roi London Academy.

Course Outline

Everyday Psychology Spiritual Growth Short Course
Week 1
Who Am I?

"Transpersonal" refers to states or realms of consciousness that transcend the boundaries of personal identity. In this course, we will delve into the transpersonal concept of self-identity. The central theme of these videos revolves around understanding transpersonal identity, which extends beyond our mere biological existence. The underlying philosophy emphasizes that at our core, humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience in the material world. This notion forms the fundamental cornerstone of our exploration.

Everyday Psychology Spiritual Growth Short Course
Week 2
Where Am I From?

We will embark on a journey to understand the origin of human existence through the lens of transpersonal psychological ontology. At its essence, this ideology delves into the origins of the human spirit identity, tracing it back to the concept of universal consciousness—often referred to as ultimate reality. As we come to grasp this profound knowledge, its impact on human interactions with the material world becomes apparent. Prepare to explore the transformative implications of this realization.

Everyday Psychology Spiritual Growth Short Course
Week 3
What Can I Do?

We will delve into the realms of human potential, exploring the profound themes of talents, spiritual gifts, and natural endowments. Understanding the implications of these innate abilities on overall well-being, particularly from the perspective of transpersonal psychology, will enable us to perceive career development as more than just a job but as a true vocational calling. Prepare to gain insights into the deeper aspects of human potential and its impact on our life's purpose and fulfillment.

Everyday Psychology Spiritual Growth Short Course
Week 4
Why Am I Here?

In our quest for purpose, it is crucial to gain a clear understanding of what we are seeking. In these videos, we will delve into the profound concept of purpose and how it relates to our individual lives. From the perspective of transpersonal psychology, we will explore the idea of a divine manufacturer or ultimate reality, which suggests that just like a product is shaped by the original intent of its maker, humans are creations of purpose meticulously designed by an "intelligent designer." By exploring this perspective, we aim to shed light on the inherent purpose that defines and guides our existence. Prepare to uncover the deeper meaning behind our lives and the significance of recognizing our purposeful origins.

Everyday Psychology Spiritual Growth Short Course
Week 5
Where Am I Going In Life?

To end the course, our focus will be on delving into the idea of a personal guiding vision, rooted in the discovery of individual purpose. Personal vision emerges as a result of understanding our unique purpose in life. Our inspiration throughout this exploration comes from the central theme of living life with intention and clarity, guided by a well-defined vision, rather than merely experimenting and living without direction, which often leads to ineffective living. Get ready to embrace the power of purpose-driven living and how it shapes a meaningful and fulfilling existence.


By exploring some of life’s greatest questions – which Oluwafemi touches on in this short master class – you can begin the journey of harnessing your self-drive to achieve your personal goals.

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