How to Manage Everyday Stress

A More Intentional Approach to Optimizing Yourself

Everyday stress is the type of stress that is often a product of leading a fast-paced and busy modern lifestyle. In this 6-day course, discover practical ways to live an abundant, productive, and successful life in a sustainable way that is not detrimental to your health. From quick mindfulness techniques to activities that help you think of your energy levels, intentions, and time from a different perspective, this relatable course will help you reduce stress and create a toolkit of healthy habits.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Discover a range of practical ways to manage everyday stress better and find a routine that works for you.
  • Become more aware of how modern life in general affects your mind and body.
  • Reduce feelings of the day-to-day anxiety and overwhelm caused by fast-paced living.
  • Practice effective tools to find more calm in the chaos and cultivate more harmony and peace in your life.

About Host

Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Well-Being Coach & Head of Content at Infijoy

Tracy Thomas, well-being coach and Infijoy’s Head of Content, teaches stress management through the perspective of deeper self-reflection. Influenced by a combination of mindfulness practices and experiential learning – having explored different areas of psychology, personal development, and human behavior – Tracy believes the most powerful forms of self-growth come from doing, and are successfully developed from creatively shifting everyday thought patterns to help generate new ideas and to put your plans into action. With a degree in Psychology and Post Graduate in Applied Psychology, Tracy is passionate about applying new ways to improve overall well-being.

Course Outline

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 1
Sensehacking to Manage Stress

Get a quick introduction to the role that our senses play as the physical channels through which we experience the world. We look at the connection between the senses and our ability to live more mindfully and in the present as a way to manage everyday stress better.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 2
Optimizing Your Energy Levels

In this session, you will learn about the different types of fatigue as the first step in identifying how to boost your energy levels. We’ll work through quick practical activities to map out where your energy is going, identify energy drainers, and think of ways to increase day-to-day energy.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 3
Awareness of Subconscious Stress

Subconscious stress is the worries, concerns, and fears that we are not acutely aware of on a day-to-day basis; the type of thoughts that might keep you up at night. Today’s self-reflective approach will offer insights for you to think about stress from different perspectives.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 4
Focus on Intentions Instead of Goals

Striving for balance is not always possible during certain busy periods for some people. In session four, we discuss the concept of focusing on intentions rather than goals and categorizing them into four areas: work, rest, love, and play.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 5
Tapping into Your Resources

By becoming more aware of the resources you have available, you will be able to tap into them more often during difficult times. Discover the different types of support to create a solid support system in different areas of your life to help manage your everyday stress better.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Session 6
Thinking About Time

Learn about time management from a different perspective: do you approach time management with an optimistic or a pessimistic mindset? Today we reflect on how much of your time is spontaneous and structured and how this influences your overall stress levels.

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