Mind-Training for High-Performance

Unlock Potential with Mindfulness Techniques from Himalayan Monks

Your mind is capable of wondrous things, and when you pursue high performance, it can become your greatest resource. Join Sriven Naidu on this 3-week course as he shares time-tested Himalayan mind-training tools and techniques practiced by monks across the monasteries of Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. Discover how to apply these ancient techniques to modern-day life to help you perform better under pressure, whether that's in your personal or professional life. Mindfulness is not only a highly effective practice to help you calm down, but it also offers powerful techniques to strengthen your mindset in your quest for success.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Discover a range of practical exercises from Himalayan monks to train your mind to help you thrive under pressure.
  • Explore the connection between high performance and well-being in order to achieve more success and happiness in all areas of your life.
  • Experience new ways to apply mindfulness to modern life and learn tools that allow you to unlock the power of your mind.
  • Cultivate more love and compassion in order to make your quest for high performance more sustainable and manageable.
  • Boost yourself with fresh energy and motivation to pursue success with the support of highly-effective mindfulness techniques.

About Host

Sriven Naidu

Sriven Naidu

Global Talent & Leadership Development Consultant , Mindfulness Coach & Meditation Expert

Sriven Naidu, a talent and leadership development consultant, is the Executive-in-Residence at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) South East Asia. Not only does he lead a team at the Singapore Sports Institute working with high-performance coaches from around the world, national teams, and individual athletes, Sriven has also delivered extensive mindfulness-based programmes for corporate executives, and boasts 30 years of meditation experience under Western traditions, and a decade studying in monasteries in Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Course Outline

Week 1
The “Why” and “How” of Mind-Training

In our first week together, we will explore - in a very practical and experiential way - the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Mind-Training for High-Performance and Well-Being. Good theories are rare, but when you find them, they explain most phenomena well, predict the range of what might happen in certain scenarios, and suggest interesting experiments or applications that you could do. Let’s begin with a brief introduction to the Evolutionary Mismatch hypothesis.

Week 2
Taming the Mind for Success

Joy is central to the state of mind for tranquility and attaining insight in the Himalayan tradition. As an alternative to viewing the mismatch between our untamed mind and modern life as “unfortunate'', this week we will consider a more liberating and joyful perspective on the human mind; one that focuses on the promise of its unexplored potential.

Week 3
Unleashing your Mind’s Full Potential

In our third and final week, we begin by examining classifications of strengths, whom they serve, and how the Himalayan tradition differs from other established ones in developing the mind and cultivating strengths. We will also compare two types of psychometric assessments for identifying “strengths” and learn how to get better value out of them. And an introduction to conclude: Say hello to the two parts of Step #3 in the “30 Seconds Wiser” protocol.


Discover in Sriven’s master class time-tested Himalayan mind-training tools and techniques, and learn how to apply them to help you perform better.

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