Navigating Modern Dating & Breakups

A Fresh Approach to Relationships and Situationships

Is the dating scene getting you down? Tired of being ghosted, breadcrumbed, or whatever the latest dating trend is? In this 7-day course, mindset coach Adil shares practical tools, techniques, and personal stories to help you break free from limiting belief patterns, improve your self-awareness, and boost your confidence. From identifying red flags, to improving communication, establishing healthy boundaries, deepening connections, overcoming breakups, and so much more, this course offers a helpful guide to navigating the world of modern dating and relationships.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back in your dating life.
  • Discover practical tips and exercises for navigating the modern dating scene, including identifying and avoiding red flags.
  • Develop a clear understanding of what you want in a relationship and learn how to communicate your needs and desires effectively.
  • Cultivate tools and strategies for overcoming breakups and common dating pains – such as heartbreak and being ghosted.

About Host

Adil Hussain

Adil Hussain

Mindset Coach & Mentor

Mindset coach and mentor, Adil – who has spent the last decade focusing on his own self-development – specializes in helping men and women navigate the often complicated world of modern dating, relationships, and breakups. With an upbeat and practical approach, Adil’s solutions-focused philosophy offers clarity and positivity, encouraging people to develop their relationship with themselves first. Adil is also the founder of a growing community, Brotherhood DXB with a mission to change the societal and social media driven negative connotations surrounding “masculinity”. Renowned for helping his clients reach their potential, he disrupts and dismantles the toxic tag, and offers a unique, empathetic approach to coaching.

Course Outline

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 1
Reflecting on Your Track Record

During this session, we'll pause to reflect and examine our dating behaviors and patterns. It's possible that without realizing it, we might be undermining our prospects of finding a joyful and fulfilling relationship.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 2
What Do You Really Want?

Today, we shift our focus to the future to help you get crystal clear on what you want from a relationship and a partner. Get ready to explore your deepest desires and start creating your roadmap to love.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 3
Breaking Free from Dating and Relationship Fears

The focus of this session is to identify our fears and limiting beliefs, so that we can work on overcoming them and moving forward with confidence, not just in our dating lives, but in all areas of life.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 4
Mastering the Modern Day Dating Scene

With so many options, technology, and societal pressures, it can be tough to navigate the dating world with confidence and clarity. Today, we're going to share the tools and knowledge that you need to master the dating scene.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 5
How to Spot Red Flags

It’s natural to have our unique set of red flags. But sometimes, red flags can be hard to spot, especially when we're caught up in the excitement of a new connection. In this session, we're going to dive deep into the world of red flags.

Holistic Well-being Short Course
Day 6
Relationships vs Situationships

Today we're going to empower you to take control of your love life and create the kind of relationship that truly fulfills you. We'll explore your ideal relationship and how to communicate your needs effectively.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 7
Overcoming Break-Ups and Dating Pains

It can be valuable to reflect on dating pains when they can become transformative lessons so that you can move forward with more experience. Let's get started!

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