Better Sleep Tonight & Forever

Mindful Routines That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality

Do you often struggle to get to sleep? Or perhaps the sleep you’re getting isn’t of the quality needed to make you feel rested and refreshed. This 7-Day Sleep Better, Tonight And Forever course is all about building a soothing and efficient nighttime routine with different mindful practices that will help you unwind and de-stress before going to bed. Join mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork instructor Eylin Perez on this 7-day course to start improving your sleep quality, and begin having a more restful slumber.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Learn to understand your sleep cycle and the importance of proper sleep to your mental health and overall well-being.
  • Discover a variety of mindfulness practices to help you destress emotionally, mentally, and physically for better sleep.
  • Build a nighttime routine that suits you best for achieving restful sleep each evening.
  • Cultivate awareness of numerous common factors hindering restful sleep.

About Host

Eylin Perez

Eylin Perez

Holistic Life Coach, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathwork Instructor

Qatar-based yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork instructor Eylin Perez has extensive knowledge and experience working in stress management, resilience, better sleep, and anxiety management strategies. Having started her practice in Peru at 15, Eylin – a certified holistic life coach – integrates all her past learnings to help improve the mental health of others, and creates awareness of mindful and healthy practices that can be incorporated into a thriving balanced lifestyle.

Course Outline

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 1
Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

In today’s session, we look at the importance of creating the right environment for better sleep. With a few simple elements, you will have the ideal window for optimal rest.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 2
How to Create a Bedtime Routine

Understanding the link between sleep quality and a bedtime routine can help motivate you to include the most effective winddown activities in your day-to-day.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 3
Before Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Through soothing restorative asanas (physical postures) combined with deep breathing, we will immerse in a yoga practice that will help you release any tension you’ve been carrying through the day.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 4
Sound Baths and Healing Frequencies

Today’s episode is all about experiencing vibrations that will allow your mind to rest and relax. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the sensory journey.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 5
Breathwork to Calm the Nervous System

By practicing different breathing exercises, we aim to introduce breathwork into our daily routines for reducing stress, cultivating stillness, and improving sleeping quality.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 6
Yoga Nidra

On day six, we experience the calming practice of Yoga Nidra, an effective tool for naturally inducing sleep while cultivating body awareness.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 7
Guided Meditation for Sleep

Today’s meditation practice is focused on deep relaxation for both body and mind, aiming to release all the day’s distractions and stress for achieving a restful sleep.

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