The Diversity of the Human Brain

Embrace the Spectrum: Unraveling Neurodivergence with Compassion and Insight

Being neurodivergent means having a brain that functions uniquely from the "neurotypical" norm, and in this transformative journey, we'll celebrate this diversity of minds. From autism and ADHD to other forms of neurodivergence, we'll explore the various ways people experience and interact with the world, highlighting that these differences should never be seen as deficits. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to deepen your understanding of neurodivergence and empower yourself to navigate it with confidence, whether it is for yourself or for those around you. Join neuroscientist Dr. Hagar Goldberg on this path of acceptance and growth, embracing your neurodiversity in a positive way.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Gain insights into neurodiversity from various perspectives, including scientific, personal, social, psychological, clinical, and neuroscientific approaches.
  • Recognize the significance of neurodiversity in creating flexible and inclusive social systems, while promoting empathy and fostering deeper human connections.
  • Harness the power of brain science and self-awareness to enhance self-acceptance and take greater agency over your life's journey.
  • Embark on an exploration of neurodiversity, guiding you towards self-love, realizing your full human potential, and finding fulfillment and impact in your life.
  • Forge a deeper connection with your brain by merging scientific knowledge with personal understanding, fostering self-awareness, and cultivating compassion for your brain and its unique stories.

About Host

Dr. Hagar Goldberg

Dr. Hagar Goldberg

Neuroscientist & Holistic Academic Instructor

Dynamic and passionate neuroscientist, Dr. Hagar Goldberg’s unwavering dedication to human development has fueled years of groundbreaking research and educational ventures. Her expertise lies in exploring the intricate behavioral and neuronal underpinnings of empathy, creativity, social-emotional development, learning, and neurodiversity. With a distinguished Ph.D. in neuroscience from the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Hagar shines as an academic instructor at the esteemed University of British Columbia. Embracing a holistic approach to education, she perceives and applies learning as a cognitive, emotional, and social experience, fostering a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the human mind. Driven by her passion for neuroscience and its impact on human growth, Dr. Hagar Goldberg stands at the forefront of advancing our understanding of the brain's complexities and its profound implications on our lives.

Course Outline

The Diversity of the Human Brain
Week 1
What is Neurodiversity Anyway?

Delve into the fascinating world of neurodiversity and its profound influence on our lives. To unlock its potential as a catalyst for creativity and self-fulfillment, let's begin by exploring the what, how, and why of neurodiversity. Through this journey of understanding, we'll gain valuable insights into the diverse ways our brains function and how embracing neurodiversity can lead to a richer and more fulfilling life. Prepare to be inspired and empowered by the transformative power of embracing our unique minds.

The Diversity of the Human Brain
Week 2
Inclusion and Belonging as Neuro-Minorities in “Neurotypical” Society

Explore the process of integration for neurodivergent brains in a "neurotypical" social world. We'll tackle crucial topics such as stigma, inclusion, and the invaluable contributions of neurodiversity to the broader society. Gain tools to navigate the complexities of social dynamics and celebrate the beauty of embracing diverse minds in a way that fosters empathy, understanding, and a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

The Diversity of the Human Brain
Week 3
My Neurodivergent Brain: My Superpower and Kryptonite

We'll delve into essential concepts and techniques, applying them to study the intricacies of our own neurodivergent mind or that of our loved ones. Gain profound insights and develop a deeper understanding of neurodivergence in relation to your unique perspective.


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