The Power of Hope

Cultivating a Hopeful Mindset to Improve Your Life

Feeling hopeless is one of the risk factors leading to mental health challenges. Developed from the need to address her own struggles, addictions, and despair, join entrepreneur and hope advocate, Kathryn Goetzke on this 5-week Power of Hope course. Discover stories, research, and strategies derived from positive psychology and the science of hope and hopefulness to develop the skills you need to overcome challenging situations and create, maintain, and increase happiness, meaning, and HOPE in your life.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Learn what it really means to have hope: how to define it, and how you can measure and improve it.
  • Understand how hope can impact every area of your life, and learn invaluable skills for overcoming life's challenges.
  • Develop skills to proactively manage hopelessness and establish happiness habits to support your emotional and mental health.
  • Discover the tricks for creating a lasting hopeful mindset using the five keys to SHINE for hope, and how to take inspired action through effective goal-setting.
  • Become someone who can activate hope in your community by creating more nourishing networks and supporting others.

About Host

Kathryn Goetzke

Entrepreneur, Strategic Consultant & Author

Entrepreneur, strategic consultant, and author of The Biggest Little Book About Hope, Kathryn Goetzke is a global advocate for mental health. From overcoming her own battles with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and addictions, through therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and support, Kathryn has committed her life to helping others cultivate more hope. She has an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, and a BA in Psychology, International Studies and Biology from Winona State University.

Course Outline

Week 1
The Science of Hopelessness and Hope

The Science of Hope: The what, why, and how of hope. Seeing hope in action is truly transformative. By the end of Week 1 you’ll have explored the science, stories, and strategies of hope from scientists, activists and experts.

Week 2
Stress Skills and Happiness Habits

This week we’ll aim to focus on what creates a hopeful mindset, and share the five keys to SHINE for hope. You can’t be in your upstairs brain and downstairs brain at the same time, so utilize stress skills to get upstairs, use happiness habits to stay there, create a list of non-negotiables for happiness, and practice them – especially when times are challenging.

Week 3
Inspired Actions

Week 3 finds us reviewing the third key to hope, “Inspired Actions”; sharing what they are, how to use them in life, and how they help you get to anything you want. We’ll also discuss negative vs. positive goals, setting aspirational or stretch goals, SMART goals, the stepping process, overcoming obstacles, and how we sometimes need to re-goal.

Week 4
Nourishing Networks

Hope is all about a vision for something in the future, and the ability to get there. We know you are more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down and have a partner – someone who you can check-in with about it. As life is all about goals, everything you do should have some component of connection. It isn’t the number in your network, however, but the quality of the connections you have.

Week 5
Eliminating Challenges

The Fifth Key to Hope is Eliminating Challenges which is in turn about our thinking patterns, or destructive ways we think that get in the way of our ability to hope, like negative bias, internalizing failure, rumination, worry, controlling things outside of our control, or too much attachment to outcomes.


Dive into this snapshot of the stories, research, and strategies that Kathryn covers in her 5-week Power of Hope course with this short master class, and get a sneak peek at the skills you need to overcome your challenging situations.

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