The Science of Dating

Unleash the Power of Psychological Science for Smarter Dating

Discover the science behind love and join social scientist, Ty Tashiro on this short course about dating, love, and relationships. Crack the code to successful connections with fun and insightful daily short videos and practical tasks. Unravel the mysteries of attraction, decode body language, and learn the art of communication. Whether you're single and ready to mingle or looking to strengthen your current relationship, Ty will equip you with evidence-based strategies to make sparks fly.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Master the art of attracting a partner who paves the way for a joyous and enduring love story.
  • Delve into the depths of your mind and emotions to identify and prioritize what truly holds significance in your romantic connections.
  • Defy conventional norms and question societal perceptions of love, forging your own path to profound affection.
  • Unravel the complexities of modern dating by delving into research on dating attitudes, relationship trends, and the keys to marital fulfillment.
  • Gain valuable insights from psychological studies that unlock the captivating mysteries of attraction, helping you understand the how, why, and whom of human connections.

About Host

Ty Tashiro

Ph.D. in Psychology, Social Scientist & Author

Ty Tashiro is a remarkable individual—an author, psychologist, social scientist, and relationship expert. Enduring a childhood and adolescence marked by social awkwardness, he embarked on a transformative journey to fulfill his destiny as a social scientist. Immersed in extensive research on human behavior, relationships, and social dynamics, Ty unveiled a fascinating science that celebrates the beauty of our social awkwardness. In his insights lies a profound understanding of why we experience such moments and, more importantly, why embracing them can be truly extraordinary.

Course Outline

Week 1
What Do You Want from Your Love Life?

The primary objective of this course is to assist you in defining your unique vision of "happily ever after" and equipping you with the knowledge to make thoughtful choices when selecting a partner. By delving into these topics to start the course, we will empower you to navigate the path of love with greater clarity and understanding, ultimately leading to more fulfilling and enriching relationships.

Week 2
Why Is Modern Dating So Difficult?

Delve into the intricacies of modern dating, uncovering the less obvious factors at play. From societal transformations to the profound impact of technological advancements, we'll explore how these changes have significantly altered the rules of dating. Despite the promises of finding a perfect match through these shifts and tools, we'll also shed light on why they haven't fully lived up to expectations.

Week 3
Three Wishes for Your Ideal Romantic Partner

Recognize that desiring a partner who is physically attractive or financially successful doesn't make you a bad person. It's entirely natural for most individuals to have these preferences. However, the key lies in determining the balance and understanding "how much is enough." Striking the right balance is essential, and these videos will help you gain clarity on your own priorities and preferences, ensuring you approach relationships with a healthy and realistic mindset.

Week 4
How to Outsmart Online Dating Algorithms

Undoubtedly, your friends have often inquired, "What's your new partner like?" Their curiosity extends beyond mere superficial details like physical attractiveness or occupation; they genuinely want to grasp the essence of their personality. In these videos we'll delve into the fascinating realm of personality assessment—a field where psychologists have crafted reliable models. We will explore how to evaluate not only your partner's personality but also your own. Unraveling the significance of personality traits as potent predictors of long-term relationship contentment and stability will be a core focus of our discussions. By the end of this week, you'll gain valuable insights into the pivotal role that personality plays in shaping the dynamics of lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Week 5
Attaching to Your Happily Ever After

During human development, our initial interactions with caregivers establish attachment styles—fundamental beliefs about how we can trust others to fulfill our needs. Remarkably, these beliefs formed during early childhood continue to hold great predictive power over adults' perceptions of romantic relationships. They significantly influence how adults interact with their romantic partners, shaping the dynamics of these connections. The attachment style of one partner in a relationship exerts a substantial influence on the overall marital satisfaction experienced by couples. Through the lens of developmental psychology, we will explore the profound impact of attachment styles on adult relationships, unveiling the intricate connections between our past and present emotional connections.


In this master class, Ty draws upon the latest psychological research to guide you towards crafting a more intelligent and informed approach to love. Gain valuable insights that will empower you to navigate the intricacies of relationships with newfound wisdom.

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