The Well-Being of Relationships

How to strengthen relationships in all areas of your life

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your overall well-being, and ultimately your life. Whether you are single, dating, in a long term relationship, or just looking for ways to improve the platonic relationships in your life, this 7-day course will provide you with new insights about what makes relationships work. From building high-quality connections and reflecting on what you want from a relationship to the psychology of hotness and being kind to yourself, this short series will help reignite the spark and give your well-being a boost.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Learn psychological tricks to improve your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Discover new ways of thinking about love, dating, and relationships.
  • Build stronger connections within your existing romantic, familial, friendship-based, and professional relationships.
  • Reignite the spark within yourself or with your partner to feel more love and connection.
  • Celebrate the role that love and relationships (not just romantic) play in your life and overall well-being.

About Host

Course Hosts

Thoughts Leaders in Relationships, Social Dynamics, Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness & Meditation

From presenting a new vision of the human being’s spiritual and sensual life, to uncovering the science of dating, preaching a holistic approach to health and happiness, and learning how to cultivate our best selves so that we can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, our team of global experts and thought leaders have the keys to unlock your potential in love.

Course Outline

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 1
The Importance of Positive Relationships

In today’s session, Henrique Bueno, the CEO of the Wholebeing Institute Brazil, discusses the importance of positive relationships as one of the essential components of your overall well-being.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 2
Relationships That Help You Thrive

Day two brings in positive psychologist Dr. Dan Tomasulo. He explores the quality of relationships, and how to build high-quality connections in all areas of your life.

Holistic Well-Being Short Course
Day 3
How Stories Influence Our Relationship Mindsets

In today’s session, social scientist and relationship expert Ty Tashiro dives into the impact that stories - from fairytales to societal narratives - can have on our approach to relationships.

Holistic Well-Being
Day 4
Intimate Relationships & Spiritual Growth

Relationship counselor, educator, and public speaker Jorge Ferrer brings you a greater understanding of the law of attraction, intimate relationships as platforms for holistic growth, and the ability to recognize your blind spots in love.

Holistic Well-Being
Day 5
How to Improve Your Social Interactions

Day five is an outlining of different ways to respond to others to improve your social interactions and ultimately strengthen your relationships by Dr. Dan Tomasulo.

Holistic Well-Being
Day 6
The Relationship with Yourself

According to today’s host and happiness specialist Henrique Bueno, a happier life is a life of rich relationships with others and yourself too.

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