Calming Beach Waves Meditation
Calming Beach Waves Meditation
Calming Beach Waves

Have you ever wondered why the sounds of the ocean can make so many of us feel calm and relaxed? It’s because it’s a type of “pink noise” – repetitive and rhythmic patterns of sounds that are found in nature. It’s a form of acoustic camouflage – a passive noise that helps to filter out other distraction noises, that helps us reduce stress and anxiety, and sleep more deeply.

Of course, the mental and visual association doesn’t hurt: the glittering of sunlight on the water; the gold, red, and pink of a sunset-painted sky hovering above the sea; the refreshing scent of salty sea air carried on the breeze; and soft white sands decorated with green palm fronds wafting gently in the wind.

This track will take you to such a place, and can be listened to while you rest, work, or sleep – please avoid listening to it while you are driving, operating machinery, or anything else that could affect your safety if you lose focus.

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