Embodied Grounding Meditation
Embodied Grounding Meditation
Embodied Grounding Meditation

This meditation is a journey into the depths of your body, with author, professor, psychologist, speaker, and Jorge Ferrer. So much of the time, when we try to connect with ourselves through meditation, we focus only on the mind – rather than deepening the mind-body connection. 

In this meditation, we are encouraged to think of our breath as life energy that is nourishing us on a cellular level, coming in not just through our lungs but the rest of the physical body as well. The body will act as an anchor to the present moment, as we move through a gentle and compassionate body scan that helps unite the mental, emotional, and physical. As we connect them more profoundly, we can raise our self-awareness, our consciousness, and our sense of genuine freedom to embrace who we are.

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