I Believe In Myself
I Believe In Myself
I Believe In Myself!

Building self-belief takes time, effort, and consistent positive thinking habits. While it can be challenging to develop (especially if you didn’t grow up with a good support system around you) it can still be cultivated through exercises like meditation. In this guided meditation, you will listen to self-belief-inducing affirmations while doing some simple qi-gong – a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves physical movements and breathing exercises. As you listen to the affirmations, and repeat them either out loud or silently, you’ll match your arm movements with the rhythm of your breath.

We recommend sitting comfortably with your feet planted on the ground. As you listen to this meditation, imagine these affirmations as if they are true about you, and simply skip those that don’t resonate. 

This meditation is suitable for all levels, and is ideal for anyone looking to refresh their view of themselves through a more positive lens. Listen to it regularly to build greater faith in yourself. Remember, you deserve to believe in your own worth.

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