Vent Your Frustration
Vent Your Frustration
Vent Your Frustration

Sometimes, intense emotions like frustration, sadness, and anger can feel overwhelming. If you’re struggling to bear the weight of these heavy emotions, meditation can help you process these feelings.

This short guided meditation is designed to help you vent away your negative emotions – rather than carry them around with you – using a quick and simple breathing exercise. Pick a distraction-free spot, allow yourself to lean into identifying the specific emotion you want to set free, and permit yourself to validate and embrace your true feelings without fear or shame. 

This meditation is suitable for all levels, and is ideal for those moments when you’re frustrated, annoyed, irritated, or just having a difficult time and need a little release. If you’re still feeling mentally drained, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Remember, it’s perfectly normal and ok to not always be ok.

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