I Am Lucky!
I Am Lucky!
I Am Lucky!

Your view on your life can profoundly impact your thoughts, conversations, worldviews, and decision-making. By building a mindset of abundance, you can open your mind to new possibilities and invite more luck into your life.

This meditation will guide you through an imaginary game called “I Am Lucky!” With the purpose of helping you to experience the feeling of abundance and gratitude, this exercise can allow you to recognize the luck that already exists in your life. As you focus on things that make you feel lucky, you will gain “lucky points” that can be traded for rewards – helping you cultivate a greater sense of gratitude. 

This meditation is suitable for all levels, and is ideal for those who enjoy creative visualization, or are looking to experience the feeling of being a luckier version of themself. If you experience difficulties such as fantasies or spiritual bypassing, please feel free to stop at any point.


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