Affirmations to Relax and Slow Down Meditation
Affirmations to Relax and Slow Down Meditation
Affirmations To Relax And Slow Down

Sometimes it may feel like we don’t really know how to relax, slow down, and unwind from the stressors of life. Maybe the mind is worried about something in the future or the past; the body is tense and breathing shallowly; there’s an ever-growing to-do list; and an endless number of responsibilities to tackle. A part of learning how to relax and slow down is just understanding how to give yourself permission to unwind – how it is okay to just reset and do nothing for a while, have “unproductive” times, and moments where you don’t feel together and in control of everything, giving yourself permission to be beautifully vulnerable and restful.

This meditation is designed to remind you that rest is just as important as productivity – that it is okay to take a pause sometimes; to unwind, relax, and live in the moment… and that you deserve it. It is ideal for anyone who needs a reset, to steady their mind, and to remind themselves to be open to slowing down at times.

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