Anxiety-Calming Technique
Anxiety-Calming Technique
Anxiety-Calming Technique

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming – and the intense emotions and thoughts that can come with these moments can lead to anxiety attacks that leave us feeling tense, stressed, and out of control. It can be difficult to ground yourself and calm your nervous system – but doing so can simply start with bringing your focus back to the present moment, so that you can untether yourself from those ruminating thoughts, anchor yourself to the here and now, and regain a more peaceful perspective.

This meditation is based on a coping technique to do just that: the 5,4,3,2,1 method. By engaging the five senses to acknowledge what you can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste, you can regain your self-awareness and become more mindful of your surroundings – and in doing so, hush racing thoughts, soothe emotional unrest, and rediscover tranquility.

This meditation is suitable for all levels.

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