Chocolate Mindfulness Meditation
Chocolate Mindfulness
Chocolate Mindfulness

How many times have you ever reached for a piece of chocolate or other sweet snack during an afternoon slump, only to wolf it down and return to your task at hand, without feeling like you really tasted it? Whether it’s a piece of chocolate or a savory meal, during our often busy and hectic modern lifestyles, it can be all too easy to forget that mealtime can be a moment for mindfulness too.

Chocolate meditation is a great way to bring back this connection. It is a form of mindfulness meditation, through which you can savor every aspect of the chocolate: the way it feels to the touch, every layer and nuance of its taste, its enticing aromas, and how it makes you feel.

While this meditation can be enjoyed simply as a way of consuming chocolate more joyfully and profoundly, it also serves as a means of connecting more deeply with all of your senses. You will need a piece of chocolate or similar sweet treat.

This meditation is suitable for all levels.

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