Escape with Mother Nature
Escape With Mother Nature
Escape with Mother Nature

Nature is part of the basis of our existence – our emotional and physical wellness is deeply embedded in the fabric of our Earth. With this meditation, you will be able to escape and reconnect with Mother Nature. You will feel the air on your face and the sun on your skin, and hear the sound of a trickling river stream and the gentle rush of air through the trees and leaves. You’ll immerse yourself in the lush embrace of a forest, where you can connect with the flora and fauna around you, even finding within its depths a private space to rest in which you are safe, warm, and protected. You will be reminded that you are a part of nature and that nature lives within you.

This meditation is ideal for those with creative imagery skills, but if you struggle with visualization, that’s okay! If you are unable to imagine anything profoundly while listening to this, simply allow the words to be narrated like an audiobook, allowing your body to relax and interpret it instead.

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