Focusing Is Cool Meditation
Focusing Is Cool
Focusing Is Cool

Building your ability to focus is something that takes time. It is built from a mixture of many things, like learning how you individually feel encouraged to focus on tasks, how you remove distractions, how you lower your anxiety, and more.

Each person will be unique in how they approach this ability. However, this guided meditation can provide you with the practicing space to continually train your body, mind, and emotions to focus on a particular thing for an extended period of time.

If you find that you have difficulty keeping focus, even for a few seconds, that is okay! We all start somewhere. You can use this meditation every day or once a week to keep practicing and building your focusing endurance ability. Consider your ability to focus to be a lifelong skill to learn. There is no rush. All you can do is start from where you’re at, and grow from there! Let’s try this together.

This meditation is suitable for all levels.

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