Manifest With Sound Meditation
Manifest With Sound
Manifest With Sound

There is an undeniable power in sound. The vibrational frequencies produced in Sound Healing practices have been found to help improve our mental, physical, and emotional health since the time of ancient civilizations, and this type of meditation has become a fast-growing trend in the modern world. Sound Healing can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, as well as shift energetic blockages.


This meditation combines Sound Healing with a visualization-based guided meditation. Combined with the power of intention and affirmation, it is intended to help you shift your vibrations to a more positive frequency to help you manifest your dreams, goals, and desires.


Lie down and get comfortable. Breathe and de-stress, visualize your inner garden, then let the crystal singing bowls, chimes, and rainmaker transport you to another world.


The “Crystal Bowls Healing Sound Bath” in this meditation is also available in our Soundscape Meditations.

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