Raisin Mindfulness Meditation
Raisin Mindfulness Meditation
Raisin Mindfulness Meditation

How often do you savor your food? Really taking time to enjoy every aspect of it: the tactile aspects of its texture, the multiple layers that form its taste, or even the thought of where it came from and how its energy can nourish you. This unique meditation will not only help you connect more deeply with what you consume by turning a simple raisin into an experience that engages all of your senses, it will also be an exercise in mindfulness.

Try to do this meditation in a calm environment that will allow you to focus for this short period of time. You will need at least two raisins, or a similar item to eat. By the end, you should feel more grounded, with more awareness of yourself and the world around you.

This meditation is suitable for all levels, and is ideal for people who are curious to try a more unique style of experiencing mindfulness.

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