We Are All Connected
We Are All Connected
We Are All Connected

Humans are social beings. Not only are we all connected, but we belong to this universe as much as it belongs to us. We are connected to every element on Earth, from its lush great forests to even the tiniest grain of sand. Yet sometimes in life, we can feel disconnected from the people and places around us. Even with social media providing constant social connection at our fingertips, somehow, we can still feel further away from everyone than ever.

In this meditation, we will explore how to feel more connected with everyone and everything just by changing your perception and re-instilling feelings of shared love, gratitude, and peace.

This meditation is ideal for people who feel comfortable with visualization, and connecting their emotions and perspective with it – and for anyone who feels disconnected, lost, confused, and longs to feel re-connected with the world and the other life within it.

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