Little Abigail And Her Birds
Little Abigail And Her Birds
Little Abigail And Her Birds

Having a sound night’s sleep is an important part of your overall well-being, and research has shown that establishing a bedtime routine can help our bodies become better at knowing when it is time for rest and restoration. Bedtime stories can be a great addition to your bedtime routine – for adults as well as children! – helping to inspire your imagination while leading you gently into la-la land.

In this sleep story, we join little Abigail, who really loves her monthly visits to her grandparents’ farm. There, she eats delicious food, enjoys creative arts and crafts, and plays in the backyard. As she swings on the swing set, breathing in the crisp, sweet air, her feet still feeling fresh from walking across the warm deck and silky grass, she looks up at the fluffy clouds in the blue sky and imagines herself as a bird flying high. As her picturesque story continues, you can reconnect with your inner child, savoring the delight and freedom she feels as you slowly drift off to sleep.

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