My Sister's Wedding
My Sister's Wedding
My Sister's Wedding

Bedtime stories can be nostalgic for many of us, reminding us of childhood – a time that naturally is a little more care-free than adulthood, with all of its sometimes-overwhelming responsibilities. Whether or not you can relate to a specific story, being told a happy tale in a calm and soothing voice can be a wonderful way to ease the mind and help you fall asleep with feelings of safety, pleasure, and comfort.

In this sleep story, young Carl is suddenly given the task of organizing his sister’s upcoming wedding. A twist of events (including unexpected rain and a burnt cake) turns the wedding into a comedy of errors for the entire village to remember. Yet things turn out very right in the end! This light and comedic story reminds us to not sweat the small stuff, and that ultimately, when people gather to celebrate something as wonderful as true love, even a series of amusing mishaps can become a great memory to treasure for years to come.

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