Breezy Meadow
Breezy Meadow
Breezy Meadow

Take a journey to a peaceful meadow, where you can imagine yourself lying back on the lush green grass, and bathing in the warmth of the springtime sun.

In this 30-minute soundscape, you can enjoy the harmonious singing of birds that soothe the soul with their soprano and alto notes. You’ll imagine blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies, and buzzing bees, all adding color and movement to the scene you’re immersed in. Let the sounds evoke the sweet scent of the flowers, or the sensation of the grass gently brushing your arms and bare feet, as it melts away your stress. 

This meditation is suitable for all levels, and is ideal for anyone looking to calm their mind with the sounds of nature. If you’re hoping for deep relaxation or are using this before sleep, we recommend lying down and listening with your eyes closed – but you can also tune in while you work! Please avoid using it when engaging in activities that could affect your safety – as this exercise may lower your alertness.

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