The Calm Before The Storm Meditation
The Calm Before The Storm Meditation
The Calm Before The Storm

How you begin your day greatly affects the tone for the rest of it. If you wake up and spend your morning flustered, stressed and worrying about what may happen, it can be difficult to break the momentum of these emotions as the day progresses. It can then become easier and easier to become more stressed as time passes, and tasks and obstacles potentially pile up on you.

However, when you start the day in a more neutral, calm, and relaxed state, it is easier to have these emotions build momentum during the day. This helps you look for and experience more calm moments as you subconsciously look for what relaxes you, what calms you down, and perhaps make more conscious choices to remain calm during stressful events.

This meditation is best practiced in the morning, and is ideal for those who enjoy visualization.

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